Who are we?

The Fairy Tale Museum



The Fairy Tale Museum opened its doors on the 2nd October 2012, the brainchild of the prize-winning poet Sándor Kányádi and supported by funding from the Alfa project of the Ministry of Human Capacities. The Museum is run by the Petőfi Literary Museum and Budavár Council.

The Museum, located on the bottom floor of the building at Döbrentei utca 15, is composed of three closely interlinked spaces; each space can function individually, but together they complement each other. The visitor space in the museum is home to theatre, shadow and puppet shows created or enjoyed by the children; drama coaching and creative workshops are also held here. These are orientated towards a visual approach to fairy tales (drawing, painting, puppet- and costume-making, playing with space, etc.). 
Visitors can follow the path of the permanent exhibition, entitled the “World of Hungarian Fairytales”. Crossing over the mythical Crystal Mountains to begin their journey, they must complete tasks and overcome challenges in order eventually to claim their reward: “half the kingdom”. As well as the permanent exhibition, there is a related seasonal display, where visitors can see childhood belongings of contemporary poets and writers, accompanied by their personal stories and memories. In the Treasure Chamber, with the help of Krisztina Bogó’s illustrations our visitors can contemplate on what their most treasured belongings are and what values do we own.

Our mission

We believe that our principle task is to give children the tools – both emotional and intellectual – to learn to read and to be receptive to literature from their early years onwards (3-4 and up). For those aged 6 and up, we aim to develop their consciousness of language, as well as their oral and written comprehension and related skills. We aim to provide an unforgettable experience and to get visitors hooked on children’s literature, both traditional and modern.  
The exhibitions and associated drama coaching and creative workshops in the Story Museum not only expand the horizons of the children’s knowledge, but thanks to their carefully designed content and methodology, can also help children achieve significant results in areas not usually focussed on in schools: moral and emotional development. 
There really are stories everywhere in the little Castle district building at Döbrentei utca 15, from the entranceway with its coloured cobbles to the listening den and the magic mirrors outside the bathrooms. 


Helmich Katalin
Expert lead/ professional coordinator 

Csörsz Katalin
Museum educator, Hungarian and Drama teacher

Hollósy Réka
Museum educator

Hantos Násfa
Museum educator, Drama teacher (at the moment on maternity leave)