Tickets and entrance fees:

Children (aged 6 - 18): 400 Ft
Adults:  800 Ft
Senior (from the age of 60):  400 Ft
Free entrance: for children under the age of 6 and senior citizens above the age of 70*
        for teachers, by showing their teacher ID card
        for holders of the pass issued by Magyar Állami Kincstár (“MÁK kártya”)

* On Family Weekends children under the age of 6 can participate with a 400 Ft entrance fee.

Family Discounts: 
2 adult and 1 children: 1200 Ft
2 adults and 2 children: 1600 Ft
Every additional children entrance fee: +300 Ft

Entrance prices are subject to change on Family Weekends (according to the nature of the events held).

Guided activities : 400 Ft/person + 7000 Ft/group
 (in the case of group-splitting 400 Ft/person + 2*7000 Ft)

held in English or Italian: 400 Ft/person + 14 000 Ft/group. ( in the case of group splitting: 400 Ft/person+2*14000 Ft)
Free for teachers with valid ID.