Interaktív diafilm

The Story Museum presents you: our interactive slide film series.

Do you enjoy watching slide films? Is there any tale that has been read to you so many times, that you know it by heart? If so, these wonderful slide films are made for you! Now is the time, when you can alter how the story goes!
One beginning, three tales and you might just notice to wander among them.

For parents:
When telling stories through the interactive slide film, children can choose from various alternatives offered on how the story unfolds, for they can take on their “own journey” in this adventure in the world of tales. One slide film consists of several folktales of different nations, but with a common topic. 
The lengths of the story may vary from the choices made, however, if you find your story to be too short, you can jump back to the beginning at any time to try out other variations.
It is recommended for families for reading and spending time together.

Suggested age group: 6 years and up

We recommend that you use your PC or laptop for this activity!

If you have any suggestions, or need some technical advice, please contact Réka Hollósy at [email protected]



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