Autizmusbarát Mesemúzeum

Autism Friendly Museum


Thanks to the professional cooperation between the International Cseperedő Foundation and the Story Museum, and thanks to a grant from the National Centre for Disability and Social Policy, the Story Museum’s Paths to Storytelling programme will be open to people with autism from November 2021.

We would like to support new ways to the world of tales and to the Museum, through museum educational activities in spaces prepared with an autism-friendly approach and supported in an autism-friendly way.

Even before arriving, there’s a way to get accustomed to the space, the museum culture from home: a short film, a social story, a map of the museum and a drawing board with museum rules are available on the website.

Pictograms and picture guides are making it easier for you to find your way in the Museum, while the designated rest area gives you the opportunity to charge. 

Special guidance booklet and a bag with useful items are available at the ticket office.

Groups of kindergarten and school students will be introduced to the world of tales through museum education sessions based on autism-specific methodology. 

If you’d like to visit us with your family, you can find out more details under the Family visits submenu on our webpage. 

If you are a teacher and you’d like to visit us and take part in an accessible session, zou can find out more details under the Group visits submenu.

Questions and comments about the programme are welcome at and

Participants of the Autism Friendly Story Museum project:

Professional concept: Zsuzsa Várnai, clinical child psychologist (International Cseperedő Foundation); Éva Nemes-Jakab, museum educator; Katalin Csörsz, museum educator; Katalin Helmich, professional lead of the Story Museum; Réka Hollósy, museum educator; Dr. Judit Simó, child psychiatrist (International Cseperedő Foundation)
Project coordinator: Éva Fazekas (International Cseperedő Foundation)
Graphics by Judit Kecskés 
Photos by Dóra Békefi.
Thanks to the children and their families featured in the social stories for their support.