Practical information for parents

What should I bring with me?
Everything that is unnecessary for a fun birthday party: cake, something to eat and drink. We provide you with plates, cups and all the cutlery.
Because children are asked to remove their shoes, everyone should bring with them their own socks or indoor shoes.

What is the maximum limit of people in birthday activities?
The activity is planned for a maximum of 15 people. If the number of people exceeds, we surcharge 2 000 Ft. per person. However, the number of children can not be more than 20.

Can I be a part of the activity as a parent?
If you are the parent of the celebrated child, of course you are welcome to enjoy the party with us!

Can I bring the brother or sister of my celebrated child?
Of course! Bigger and smaller brothers and sisters are welcomed, but keep in mind that they count as group members. In case of smaller children, please give us a heads up.

Can there be more than one birthday girl or boy?
Yes, there can be, but the group limit is valid in this case too.

How will the activity take place?
During their two-hour slot, the entire Museum is at the disposal of the birthday boy or girl and their guests, with one or two masters of ceremony running the show. After getting to know each other, the gates of Fairytale Land are open and the curious children troop take on an eventful journey, which peaks in opening the presents. After this, the celebration dinner and cake is eaten. If there’s enough time there is a chance to go back to the rooms and play freely.

Can I take photos?
Yes, you can, but we are also dealing with this in order for you to just sit back and enjoy the celebration together with your child. After the activity we’ll send the photos taken at the celebration.

Can I buy some invitations?
Yes, you can buy some invitations at the Story Museum, which cost 200 Ft. each.