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The Truth Tellers


Drama workshops return to the Story Museum with actress and drama teacher Násfa Hantos.


“Ask us who we are, we’ll tell you nothing but the truth

forest gnomes, explorers or witches saying sooth

We are all these and shift our shape, and leave not a trace of proof…”


Mondays 5 to 6 p.m. for younger children.



Drama Role-playing for Children

(for pre-schoolers and school starters)


About Role-playing:

With the help of two supervisors, the children work in small groups to make up a story or fairytale, which they then perform.

Role-playing gives children a sense of liberation and pleasure. The goal of the drama groups is to enable children to take on various different roles, and thus to engage the hidden potential in their individual personalities. This will help children develop their sense of independence and self-reliance. The group dynamic and open atmosphere helps children towards a climate of mutual understanding and acceptance.

By making up fairytales and stories, everyone becomes part of a creative process. Spontaneous playfulness helps develop the child’s creativity and expands their repertoire of roles; it also gives them a cathartic experience, which helps develop their personality and strengthen their confidence.

The workshops give the children a chance to enter another world, a world where anything can happen. The children can become wizards, or choose another role they’d like and they get to decide what adventures befall them. They can also choose to take part in the others’ tales. The role-play always takes place in the world of fantasy, a “liminal space”, where performance and solutions to problems are not judged negatively.

The groups are led by Klára Korzenszky and Réka Bogdán, both psychologists and children’s drama role-play facilitators.  


  • Wednesdays 16:20-17:20 and 17:30-18:30
  • Length: each session lasts 60 minutes


  • workshops will run if there are a minimum of six participants.
  • by academic year: children can apply for the first semester, which will be extended into the second.
  • consultation with parents: first consulation preferably before the start of the workshops, and then by ongoing agreement, as well as at the end of the workshops. All parents get at least two individual consultations with feedback on their child’s development.

To apply, please email: mesemuzeum.pszichodrama@gmail.com

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