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The Story Museum and Workshop opened its doors on the 2nd October 2012, the brainchild of the prize-winning poet Sándor Kányádi and supported by funding from the Alfa project of the Ministry of Human Capacities. The Museum is run by the Petőfi Literary Museum and Budavár Council.
The Museum, located on the bottom floor of the building at Döbrentei utca 15, is composed of three closely interlinked spaces; each space can function individually, but together they complement each other. The visitor space in the museum is home to theatre, shadow and puppet shows created or enjoyed by the children; drama coaching and creative workshops are also held here. These are orientated towards a visual approach to fairytales (drawing, painting, puppet- and costume-making, playing with space, etc.).
Visitors can follow the path of the permanent exhibition, entitled the “World of Hungarian Fairytales”. Crossing over the mythical Crystal Mountains to begin their journey, they must complete tasks and overcome challenges in order eventually to claim their reward: “half the kingdom”. As well as the permanent exhibition, there is a related seasonal display on the history of the first hundred years of people collecting Hungarian fairytales.


“Here, even the spiders spin a tale.”

There are stories hidden in every nook and cranny of the museum: in the entranceway, there’s a very special carpet hanging from the old drying rack. Its pockets are stuffed with lists of our events and other things to read. On the wall opposite, the history of the building itself is brought to life through drawings, pictures, and various objects. There’s even a well in the courtyard which – who knows? – could very well be the Fountain of Youth; in any case, you could do worse than take a little of its water to help the tree in the centre grow and grow up to the sky!
You can journey through the rooms like the hero in a fairytale. To get through the thick, dark forest, you’ll need some courage and your wits around you. If you can overcome the challenges, you’ll make it all the way to the Royal Throne. The mirrors in the bathrooms reflect Lanky Lads, Fat Cats, and Mealy Mouths.  Inside, in the workshop area, visitors are introduced to the real-life writers of fairytales. Children can choose from a multitude of children’s books, and there’s a listening den where they can hear stories read aloud; they can also tread the boards on stage or make their own little fairytale film.

Our Mission

We believe that our principle task is to give children the tools – both emotional and intellectual – to learn to read and to be receptive to literature from their early years onwards (3-4 and up). For those aged 6 and up, we aim to develop their consciousness of language, as well as their oral and written comprehension and related skills. We aim to provide an unforgettable experience and to get visitors hooked on children’s literature, both traditional and modern.  
The exhibitions and associated drama coaching and creative workshops in the Story Museum not only expand the horizons of the children’s knowledge, but thanks to their carefully designed content and methodology, can also help children achieve significant results in areas not usually focussed on in schools: moral and emotional development.
There really are stories everywhere in the little Castle district building at Döbrentei utca 15, from the entranceway with its coloured cobbles to the listening den and the magic mirrors outside the bathrooms.

So come join us and be part of our story!




Children: 400 Ft
Adults:  600 Ft
Family Discounts:
2 adults and 2 children: 1600 Ft
1 adult and 2 children: 1200 Ft
1 adult and 3-4 children: 1600 Ft
2 adults and up to 3-4 children: 2000 Ft
Guided activities: 400 Ft/person + 6000 Ft/group
Entrance prices are subject to change on Family Weekends (according to the nature of the events held).
Workshops are 1,200 Ft per session, or 1,000 forints per session with a season ticket.
Free for teachers with valid ID.
Opening hours:
For individual visitors, the Museum is open
Thursday 10:00-17:00,
Saturday 10:00-17:00,
Sunday 10:00-13:00
For groups the Museum is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 – 16:00 by prior arrangement.


Useful tips when planning a visit:
On weekday mornings, we run story classes for nursery and primary school groups in which we bring fairytales to life through various games. Please have a look at the classes we offer – these are broken down into short descriptions by age group.
You can register for the class of your choice in advance by contacting mesemuzeum@pim.hu.

In the afternoons, we become a workshop using the rich material of fairytales in our theatrical, artistic, musical, and dance-based sessions. You’ll find more about the times and content of our classes here:

On the weekends, our events cater specifically for families, with visits from writers and interactive drama workshops for all the family.
The Story Museum is also the perfect place to celebrate your child’s birthday. If you’d like to come and celebrate your child’s birthday in a fairytale setting, please contact Katalin Helmich at helmichk@pim.hu for more information.